About us

“Nature Inspired” – these two words carry the ethos that we imbibe everyday while creating natural products for you and your family.

At Abiotica, we have been producing natural health supplements and herbal remedies for more than 20 years. Our products are available in over 2000 pharmacies and health food stores across Europe. 

We rely on the extraordinary gifts of nature
along with the strides of scientific discovery to develop natural products that have enriched the lives of more than half a million customers.

That’s how we’ve worked since 1998.

Bringing the best of nature to your home

We were one of the first European companies to develop a wild oregano oil formula for immune support. Since then, we’ve perfected our formula and method of research and development for a wide variety of products.

We apply the same dedication to perfection in bringing to your home many beneficial ingredients such as turmeric, fresh bay leaf, pomegranate, wild olives, and many other unique plants and herbs.