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Double Actions for Joints: Baytrex C7 + Baymax V91

  • Double action for comprehensive joint support internal and external
  • Baymax V91 (internal oil drops): fresh bay leaf – turmeric formula
  • Baytrex C7 (external cream): fresh bay leaf and 6 bioactive ingredients, including patent absorption technology

Value Pack

Baymax 100ml + Baytrex 150ml

£130,5 £117,50
Save £13



  • Discounted from £130.50
  • 3x the quantity, less than 2x the price
  • Recommended amount for regular use on larger joints like hips, shoulders, knees and back

Standard Pack

Baymax 30ml + Baytrex 50ml

£75,19 £67,70
Save £7,49


  • Most popular choice, discounted from £75.20
  • Standard 8 week treatment duration
    Minimum recommended amount for supporting larger joints

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